they are not all created equal.


Coffee mugs. There IS a difference in what a mug feels like. How heavy it is, the way it fits in your hand, the very way it sits on a table. I get it that not everyone understands this concept. This very mug phenomenon has caused Steve and I to have Christmas mugs out all year long—just because they feel right. Can I tell you I have had waaayyy too many conversations about mugs and the coffee that sits in them.

To give you a quick example. Two of these mugs are awesome. Two of these mugs are not awesome. One of these mugs is so beautiful to look at and matches décor in my home so well. But it is mortifying to drink out of. The ridges on my lips…it is about all I can handle.

I’m not naming it —but I will tell you there are two types of mugs Steve and I fight over in the morning…

And then there is this mug I found posted on a friend’s Facebook wall the other day and I just had to share…

How funny is that? But you know what? It’s Friday. There are fall like temperatures outside and anticipation of a fun weekend ahead. This mug feels more Monday morningish.  Enjoy the weekend!

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