cheerleader sandwiches.



Ok, today I am linking with Tonya’s Weekend Potluck again, because it is just fun! And it gets me thinking about recipes and what we are eating around here in a different way…

Anyone who has kids involved in school sports knows that you are going to have to get creative with meal time in the evenings. And everyone knows that there are just a few ways you can make sandwiches different. Now, I did not taste these–but from the response I got, I think your families will like them! That, and the fact that our cheerleaders must have been really hungry may have something to do with their love and request for how to make these sandwiches. Nonetheless, here’s a new sandwich for you that we are going to call cheerleader sandwiches. Clever, huh?

I really think the key to this sandwich is using quality ingredients. And instead of the normal tortilla that I usually use, I bought the Flatout Lavash Pinwheel wraps. Click {HERE }to see what I’m talking about. And you can find them at most grocery stores—these were at Walmart. They roll up better than tortillas AND they do not get as soggy (from what the girls said.)

I also bought Pfannenstiel Turkey sliced thin for you locals—or any good quality deli turkey will work great.


I spread the flatout with cream cheese and then put about 2 tablespoons of Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce over the cream cheese. Then you just start layering!! Meat, shredded romaine lettuce mixed with tiny bits of thinly sliced green onion, top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, cucumber, and basil gives it a nice touch. Roll up and slice. How easy is that? And they liked them!



Go Big Red!!!


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  1. We do something very similar…three year olds can be picky. We call them roll ups and I mix things with cream cheese like taco seasoning and pesto and then I’ve also used the Laughing Cow wedges.

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