it’s working.


We battle getting chores done around here. And working together—cheerfully. Saturday is NOT my favorite day to be stuck inside getting things done, but oh doesn’t Sunday feel better when you can come home from church to a clean house?! And laundry finished and ready to start your week? It’s almost imperative to getting our week off to a good start. Meal planning and groceries are just the cherry on top. Do we have this done every weekend? Absolutely not. And it’s my fault and Steve’s. Bottom line.

The fact is—it is our responsibility to teach responsibility. It is WAY easier to do things ourselves (Steve and I). At this stage of the game, our kids and the ages they are, really are not limited to much by way of chores they can do. That’s not to say I would ever let Landon loose in the kitchen, but they CAN do way more than what they CAN’T.

Confession time. This week was awful by way of responsibility on everyone’s part. There were more mornings we were bickering, losing things, and an overall rat race each. and. every. day. I am not exaggerating. Filling out picture forms at the last minute, forgetting our game socks, to running back home for a library book is pretty much how it looked. And for the health of us all, we will not have a week like that again. I promise.

We’ve tried lots of things with our kids. Our oh so loved white board, numerous lists, etc. Until yesterday, Steve found something that was fun and energizing to all. AND, they get to use the ipad. Now, that’s exciting. It’s called My Job Chart app and it’s FREE! Click {HERE} to check it out. Steve entered information and set everything up for everyone as I told him the list of chores for each one for the day. You can set up daily chores that are expected each day, a specific list for a particular day, and so forth. And for us yesterday? It worked. It was even “kinda fun”.


It wasn’t all work and no play over here. Volleyball, football, and DRAG RACES with Grandpa and Dad completed the day!

We are a work in progress over here. My mind was filled with the song ” he’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be. It took him just a week to make the moon and stars—the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient He must be? ‘Cause He’s still working on me”.

Would my kids say how loving and patient I have been? Ouch.  He’s still working on me too–even as a mom.


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