like none other


The day is a precious memory of overwhelming joy in our healthy, black haired little beauty we named Kourtney after wrestling with the name Gracelyn for months. But after one look at her 7 lbs of sweetness—Steve and I both looked at each other and knew…it’s gotta be Kourtney Janae.


Now if a newborn’s personality is any indication of what her personality was to be as she grew into our 11 year old (what!!!!)–her months as our baby were clearly indicative of the sweet tender heart she was gifted with. Although as she became mobile, she was a bit ornery. And adding her brother to the mix further fostered that. But, it did not change her heart. And though times this one trait of hers may drive us a tad crazy, it may just be because we wish we had half of what she has…



How fun to share a birthday with a very sweet and special friend!! Happy Birthday Bethany and Kourtney!

Colorado 020






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