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cheerleader sandwiches.



Ok, today I am linking with Tonya’s Weekend Potluck again, because it is just fun! And it gets me thinking about recipes and what we are eating around here in a different way…

Anyone who has kids involved in school sports knows that you are going to have to get creative with meal time in the evenings. And everyone knows that there are just a few ways you can make sandwiches different. Now, I did not taste these–but from the response I got, I think your families will like them! That, and the fact that our cheerleaders must have been really hungry may have something to do with their love and request for how to make these sandwiches. Nonetheless, here’s a new sandwich for you that we are going to call cheerleader sandwiches. Clever, huh?

I really think the key to this sandwich is using quality ingredients. And instead of the normal tortilla that I usually use, I bought the Flatout Lavash Pinwheel wraps. Click {HERE }to see what I’m talking about. And you can find them at most grocery stores—these were at Walmart. They roll up better than tortillas AND they do not get as soggy (from what the girls said.)

I also bought Pfannenstiel Turkey sliced thin for you locals—or any good quality deli turkey will work great.


I spread the flatout with cream cheese and then put about 2 tablespoons of Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce over the cream cheese. Then you just start layering!! Meat, shredded romaine lettuce mixed with tiny bits of thinly sliced green onion, top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, cucumber, and basil gives it a nice touch. Roll up and slice. How easy is that? And they liked them!



Go Big Red!!!

around your table…


Sometimes, you just know when something is meant to be. It’s amazing to me when the realization happens. When there’s no other way to explain it and you see God’s hand in absolutely everything about it? That rocks. Like seriously rocks.

I had the privilege of traveling to an “old” friend of mine’s home (although old she is not—you know what I mean.) to have a gathering. I did get to see her a few months ago when my grandpa died, as she and her husband were neighbors to my grandparents years ago. But I have not seen her kids and the two little boys they added to the family for years. It almost came full circle for me because we met at a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group way back when I was having babies. Of course, I was on my way out of MOPS with Landon being my only one left there– as she was just beginning with her two baby girls. So fun to see how her family has grown!

One thing struck me HUGE. I was admiring her dining room table. It was gorgeous! I mean seriously beautiful. As I talked to her about the table and was filling the top with Mary & Martha goodies, she told me that she and her husband had built their table on their own. WHAT?! Who does that? And who can do that?! They can. And then all of the thoughts of her craftiness and my NO craftiness came flooding back. She was our crafts coordinator at MOPS and was just awesome. Meanwhile, I dreaded “craft” day because my crafts were horrible. That is not an exaggeration.  But with a sweet as pie coordinator, I really tried to do my best.  Which was–horrible.  Anyway…


Unfortunately for us all, my picture taking skills leave little to be desired, therefore not doing this table justice. At all. It is gorgeous. And then I saw this etched into the edge…

Psalm 128:2-4…”You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings wand prosperity will be yours within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.  Yes, this will be the blessing for the man who fears the Lord.”

Her husband showed me the bible verse etched in the table and then told me what it was.  Meanwhile explaining to me how much they want scripture to be a part of their lives.  Around their table.  AROUND THEIR TABLE!!!  Are you hearing me all of my Mary & Martha peeps?!!  Is this not what Summer Jam was ALL about a couple of months ago?  Is there anyway God is NOT calling this precious girl and her husband to the Mary & Martha business and ministry?

I didn’t think so.  And it is so very fitting that she joined the rest of us in this ministry that we call our “business”.  And to have a husband that loves the idea of scripture in his home?  Girl—you are going to rock it.  Congrats to Whitney!  And Jared…after you and Whitney explaining to me how you made the table, I am MorE tHAN sure Steve and I could NOT ever make that table.  Are you for hire?419327_2883590804373_294032242_n

Gotta love when God’s hands are all over something, don’t you?

bigger than a cup of coffee.


Will you please take 3 minutes and 45 seconds of your life today and watch this video? Please? I have had such opportunity just in the last seven days to spread the Mary & Martha name into homes of many who have never heard of this company before. It has been energizing, revitalizing, and such a huge blessing. This video just came out for all to see. I so wish I would have had it to share at my gatherings. Because what I say about the coffee? Besides the fact that it is super yummy, smooth and helping Honduran farmers with a direct trade component? I just can’t do it justice.

Click Here:

My coffee has never tasted so good…




Seriously Landon? You’re nine. How did this happen? You brought to us a whole new world of blue, energy, overalls, tractors (that you really never cared for), ANY kind of ball but mostly basketball, noise, dirt, stubbornness, a strong will, did I mention energy, best sleeper ever (except when you have sleepovers—sorry friends), animal loving, frog catching, hammer pounding, and love for all things boy that we never knew we needed to make our family complete…

September 17, 2004 at 8:08 am all 6 lbs 11 oz of you blessed us immeasurably. Had you known you were coming to this world with three little mommies waiting to meet you —you may have turned back…

If only we could go back to that day, I would relive it over and over and over.

Journey Kids—-Courage—week 2


“When I’m afraid, I will trust in you” Psalm 56:3.

Doesn’t get much better than when the sermon the adults hear is the same bible story the kids hear in Journey Kids. How cool is that? Our kids heard all about Moses in the book of Exodus twice in one day. I think they’re gonna remember this one…

Walking by faith, taking a leap, and following God’s call on your life IS worth the risk!

But sometimes that looks scary. And we are afraid of the unknown. It’s not that easy, right?

Courage…being brave enough to do what you should so, even when you’re afraid.

they are not all created equal.


Coffee mugs. There IS a difference in what a mug feels like. How heavy it is, the way it fits in your hand, the very way it sits on a table. I get it that not everyone understands this concept. This very mug phenomenon has caused Steve and I to have Christmas mugs out all year long—just because they feel right. Can I tell you I have had waaayyy too many conversations about mugs and the coffee that sits in them.

To give you a quick example. Two of these mugs are awesome. Two of these mugs are not awesome. One of these mugs is so beautiful to look at and matches décor in my home so well. But it is mortifying to drink out of. The ridges on my lips…it is about all I can handle.

I’m not naming it —but I will tell you there are two types of mugs Steve and I fight over in the morning…

And then there is this mug I found posted on a friend’s Facebook wall the other day and I just had to share…

How funny is that? But you know what? It’s Friday. There are fall like temperatures outside and anticipation of a fun weekend ahead. This mug feels more Monday morningish.  Enjoy the weekend!

an M&M kind of day…



Or should I say and M&M kind of month? And when I say M&M’s I’m not talking about these yummy little chocolate candies Kassidy and Landon decorated the cake with that they made last night. (For the record, I tasted this cake when I got home—and they used OLIVE OIL in it. Don’t ever do that. Just sayin’…but I LOVE that they baked together!)

Mary & Martha is in full swing over here this week and I am having a blast sharing our vision of Meaningful Entertaining…made simple. I love the differences each of my hostesses brings to the gatherings. I love the differences I see in each guest. I love to see the different products each person orders. I love to hear the conversations about being a “Mary” or a “Martha”—and the challenge for all of us to live in the “&”.

The name Tonya Ferguson is probably not a new one to you if you read this blog. She writes a wonderful blog 4 Little Ferguson’s that I’ve been reading addicted to the past couple of years. She has an amazing story and shares amazing recipes. Today, she is featuring the Mary & Martha business because she is having a gathering!!! I am so excited and would love for you to pop over there and give her some love—and hear my testimony of this Mary & Martha journey. Click {here} and remember— keep your olive oil out of your cake.

a little therapy, please.


After a rough night, I knew just what I needed to take me to my happy place…


This and the fact that Starbucks is harbored over in the corner of the fresh flower section and Steve can meet me for coffee before he heads in to work is just… beautiful. Do you think I need help?

The new Dillons Marketplace is just plain awesome. All there is to it. I didn’t even have to buy anything (well, besides the coffee) and I left with a smile.

this makes them happy…



Long, long ago there was a family of 6 who had a Montero that carted all four babies in tow. Until one day it stopped. Never to run again.

But if Dad has his way, it will be up and running by October 21st, 2014. Know why that date is so magical? Because it’s a certain someone’s 16th birthday. And she will be driving her sister and herself to school. This is 13 months away. There are 13 months of intentional and deliberate repair work to be done. And there are going to be 13 months of intentional and deliberate prayer from my two daughters that this thing NEVER. RUNS. AGAIN.

And it’s fine if their prayers are answered the way they wish for them to be. As long as they consider their alternative…