season ending…


Fall sports for our little two ended Saturday. Both of them were very sad to see football and volleyball go. And isn’t that just what you want? Much better than counting the days until it’s done!

Mostly, these kids loved this season and are sad to see it go because of their coaches. We have been beyond blessed with the people who have been placed in Landon and Kourtney’s lives. Not always are these “tribes” an influence that is life changing. But for these two this year? Yep. It’s just where it’s at.

Coaches who truly care about who these kids are as people. Coaches who truly care to teach in every circumstance. Teaching respect, hard work, diligence, and love for the game. There is nothing more that I could ask for my kids, and Steve and I are sad to see it end as well. Thank you coaches, parents and kiddos for a fun fall sports season! And I now finally know what the “chicken wire” play is!! These boys have got it down…






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