opportunity knocking.



An opportunity not only knocked on my door—it came busting through without even a thought of keeping it closed and shutting it out.

We are swimming in Mary & Martha over here in preparation for a vendor event at the MOPS convention in Kansas City. MOPS is a Christian organization for Mothers of Preschoolers.  This event is so special to me for multiple reasons, but because it’s MOPS—even more so.  I have talked about MOPS many times before and what a lifesaver it was for me as a new mom.  I can only imagine how excited these moms are to come to this conference.  Beth Moore?  Lysa TerKeurst?  Jen Hatmaker?  Shut the front door and lock me in a room with these women!!  That is just to name a few…

And of course spending time with the precious gal I called up out of the blue who talked me through becoming a Blessings Unlimited consultant, now Mary & Martha.  And wait, that’s not even all.  FOUR days with Steve?  Working together, eating together, and hopefully shopping together {smile, Steve—and don’t forget your cash.}  And a chance to see family.  The best.

Obviously, we have a TRIBE circling our very own tribe at home.  And for that I am amazingly thankful.  Thankful for this opportunity.  Thankful for the way people offer to help out, whether it be with our kids or at church or work—to allow us this weekend of opportunity.  Yes, knocking–heard you loud and clear.


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