take me back…


For just a bit the last 24 hours reminded me of a much different time in our lives…

A time when we spent time going out with my Dad and Debbie with no other responsibility to worry about—besides work on Monday.

And even that wasn’t a huge worry.

I miss carefree weekends with these special people.

And so very thankful for this time spent and a very happy ending to a very wonderful time away.

And then, reality sneaks it’s way back in. And I am reminded of 15 years ago to this very minute. I was riding a 4-wheeler with a husband and his best friend taking me on as rough of terrain as possible. To put my very pregnant self in labor on my due date.

Meanwhile, a peach pie was freshly made during the day. So after no labor results from the 4-wheeler ride, we gave up and decided to take pie to Steve’s parents’ home. And before a first bite was had by me, my water broke. On their dining room chair.

And to the hospital I went, for what little I knew would be a very, very long night and day…

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