the game changer


So, shaking my way all the way to the hospital—anxiety like I have never known—Steve could NOT understand that being a labor and delivery nurse and knowing all about the process is actually NOT one bit of benefit. Not one bit.

Like for instance, being adamant in doing this labor thing without an epidural. What was that all about anyway? I was all naturale’ and as stubborn as I was, that is exactly how it went. Until I met my best friend named, Stadol.

This one very experience was a game changer for me as I now actually knew what my patients were feeling. And actually knew how to best take care of them after two years of really not having a clue. Little did I know that this was the most intense form of labor and delivery nurse orientation—actually going through labor. Game changer, I tell you, in my life as a labor and delivery nurse.

Seventeen, yes 17(!!!!!) hours later, I had the most incredible experience of my life. A game changer in this game we called “life”. I became a “mommy” and Steve became a “daddy” to a 5 lb 15 oz bundle of sweet, pink goodness. Never, ever in my existence up until then had things ever been so right with the world. Overwhelming love and joy for Natalie Janelle Kaufman.

Unfortunately, for Nat, she is our guinea pig for every new stage of parenting. But you know what? God placed her right there for a very specific reason. And there is no other better to be our firstborn than her.

First baby, first grandbaby, and first great-grandbaby —this girl has a big job to fill.

God has showered us so lavishly with love in this very gift of Natalie Janelle.

Not a better way to spend the last 15 years. Oh wow…I could barely type that.

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