Know what those pumpkins say to me? We have some intentional family time on its way…tonight. And I can’t wait. It’s a picture of cozy.

We are entering a time when things slow down ever so slightly between sports seasons. The holidays are quickly approaching. And for us? That means bring on friends and family. The colder weather and winter bring our family together. And I have been waiting for it since last year.

And speaking of cozy, here is a tried and true recipe that came across Facebook. So with my trusty iPhone, I took a screen shot of it and am posting it that way. Clever, huh?! I am not even sure of the original source, as with many Facebook recipes that fly through the newsfeed. The only change I made to this is that I used a whole chicken and made my chicken broth with water and chicken base.

This is going in my crockpot today. It’s almost as cozy as those pumpkins waiting to be carved. And it’s almost as cozy as those new babies I got to snuggle with last night. Almost.

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