Hard Working LunchBox Smoothie



If you ever struggle when packing your kids’ lunches, this post is for you!!!

If you are even slightly as obsessive as I am about your kids’ lunches including a fruit and veggie, this post is for you!!!

If you get excited when Tonya has a Weekend Potluck, this post is for you!!

If you love to learn new tips on making your life easier, this post is for you!!!

If you want to jump up and down for joy that besides the fruit and veggie, you are also providing protein, calcium, and iron—well, then–this post is for you!!!

So…tell me.  Is this post for you???

First of all, I am going to give you the recipe for…

The Hard Working LunchBox Smoothie!!!

listed in the order to put in your blender or Vita-Mix (don’t know what a Vita-mix is?  Click HERE, it will change your life as you know it.)

1 cup Simply Orange Juice (or the juice of 2 oranges)

2 cups Fresh Spinach

1 Vanilla or Peach Chobani Yogurt (best greek yogurt ever—you choose flavor)

1 cup frozen Black Cherries (NO SUGAR ADDED)

1 cup frozen Mango (NO SUGAR ADDED)

Splash of REAL Vanilla

Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Blend all until smooth.


Now that you have seen the Vita-Mix and everything is blended perfectly smooth and there is no hint of green spinach anywhere to be found, you can pour into glasses for drinking right away…


You can fill the small Ball freezer jars and freeze.


Now here is where your smoothie goes to work even harder for you. Keep in mind, it’s already providing a practically balanced meal for your Littles….

BUT, as a frozen smoothie, you can now use this smoothie as your cold pack in your child’s lunch.  By the time lunch time comes around, it is perfectly thawed and the rest of their lunch has been kept fresh.  It is the nifttest little thing.  And THAT is why it the Hardest Working LunchBox Smoothie ever!!

(smoothies are not limited to the ingredients listed above.  If you’d like it sweeter and want to provide some potassium—throw in a banana!  If you love all of the antioxidants of berries—grab strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries!  Need more protein?  Add in some nut butter of your choice.)

The possibilities are really endless.  Just don’t forget the spinach, Popeye.


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