potato drop!


Know what’s happening over here?  Potatoes, that’s what!!



They have taken over our kitchen…quite literally. As you can see, they joined us around the bar for supper last night.

Who knew potatoes would bring a family together…or did they? Wrapping 100 pounds sure did do something, anyway…

And don’t forget everyone’s choice of recreation while wrapping potatoes—-the fork stabbing!

And now it’s a new day. A day full of potato baking….

Curious what they’re being used for? Wondering where we got that many potatoes?  So very thankful for a couple of precious friends of mine who organize a Potato Drop at Crosspoint, their church.  It is all part of an “end hunger” campaign and the 42,000 pounds of potatoes are to be USED or GIVEN AWAY.  Meanwhile, our church was planning to serve a Wednesday evening meal to our youth kids in the community.  We had been trying to come up with a cool menu and one that would be something the kids don’t eat very often.  After talking with them about the potato drop—-we came up with the idea of a POTATO BAR.  In Moundridge we are serving about 130 kids and leaders each Wednesday night—and that’s just for grades 5th through high school!  It’s an awesome thing, but it’s also a pretty big deal to provide a good meal each week.  So these potatoes have been a HUGE blessing in so many ways.


Is that awesome or what?  You know what was even more awesome?  Seeing these Hutchinson HS football guys work hard, loading up potatoes for each person.  They were so kind, helpful, respectful—can’t say enough about them!  A chance for blessings all around.  Can’t wait to load up a potato tonight!

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