split-pea soup.


So a few months ago, a couple of friends and I begin planning a trip to celebrate a particular age that isn’t particularly an age any of us wanted to celebrate.  That make perfect sense?  And for a November trip, we were thinking that some place warmer than our sweet state of Kansas  would be our preferred choice of destination.  And right we were to get away from Kansas as we headed to the airport one of the coldest days of the year with a potential winter storm moving in.

So where did we go, you ask?  To the land of blissful sun and warm days…

Picture of warmth, eh?

San Antonio surprised us with a cold snap and some of their coldest days of the year.  Which you guessed it, led us to maybe a bit more shopping than we had anticipated (not that I am complaining or anything…) And most likely, we shopped a bit differently than we would have had it been a teeny bit warmer.

We declared the weekend, the weekend of “the scarf”. Can you tell why?

A weekend of yummy food and fun. A slumber party with popcorn, M&M’s, pretzels, trail mix, apples, and hot chocolate for dinner one evening. And an afternoon of appetizers on top of a tower that slowly revolves giving you many views of the city.

And then this happened…


After miles of walking the River Walk loop, looking at menus, deliberating our choices, we end up at a diner off the beaten path.  Due to the cold, we were all thinking a soup and sandwich shop would be just perfect.  And guess what?  Their specialty was their SPLIT PEA SOUP.  I was thinking this would be a great way to end the day and warm up.  And we all placed our order for the big bowl, not just the little cup…

Repressed memories of green pea baby food came flooding back and I remembered the taste, which as a baby, I am sure I spit out of my mouth and let run down my chin.  Perhaps I even blew and spit it back out at my mom?  I do not know.  I DO know, that I never served these types of peas to my own children.  And this soup confirmed what I already knew.  I had just wasted $3.95.  I am ashamed to say, I took one bite of the soup and could GO. NO. FURTHER.  Meanwhile, avoiding eye contact with our server until he called me out and asked me if I didn’t like the soup?  “Um, no.  I’m sorry.  I guess I don’t like split-pea soup”.

To which he replied “I don’t like it either.”

And THOSE are the things that make vacations memorable.  I will forever remember this trip with the girls and you betcha, the split pea soup and scarves definitely defined a lot of this trip.  Along with girlfriend time, relaxation, and shivering…

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