black friday love.


Know what I love about Black Friday?!  That I am home in my warm, quiet house, in my robe, drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, mentally preparing for decorating, AND filling orders…


Never before have I ventured out to do the Black Friday thang…but I sure do have a daughter who wants to see what it’s all about today. Basketball practice to the rescue! And I avoided another one…

I would love for us to live every day and every month like we do the month of November and Thanksgiving day.  When our many blessings and gratitude are in the forefront of our minds.  Where we focus on our many blessings and how amazingly fortunate we are.  And I am thankful that I can be thankful.  There is nothing holding me back from this.  Sure, there are things for all of us that try to creep themselves in the way of this.   But let them do their purpose— great reminders and opportunities to draw closer to God and redirect your focus…


More than anything today I am SO THANKFUL for a clear schedule, free of any commitments for the next couple of days—outside of intentional family time.  A gift of slowing down before we race through the month of December and wonder where in the world did the time go?  For this day and this moment, time is on our side and I can’t wait to savor it.

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