love, light and joy.



You know the best laid plans?  They don’t always go as planned, right?  So you just go ahead and do two Advent activities on one day.  And you know what?  It’s OK.  I am giving you permission.  Because I know, that I have already NOT followed my plan.  And I have many excuses–none of which you care, I am quite sure.

“Let us love one another, for love comes from God” 1 John 1:7

***Share God’s love today by doing a kind deed***.

My kids, Steve, and I were left with this challenge today as they walked out the door to school and work.  I am excited to see IF they did this in any way AND what their kind deeds looked like…

“Jesus Christ is the true light.”  John 1:7

String bright lights to CELEBRATE JESUS!

We have that done.  And most days, I would keep my lights off in the house until it’s dark outside.  But after reading this Advent activity today, if any of us are home–I want to see the lights–surrounding us.  As Steve said this morning “the light of Jesus is wrapped around and surrounding us and our home”.  I LOVE THAT.  It’s exactly right.  It’s exactly what these Christmas lights mean as we drive through neighborhoods and see them lit up across roof tops, on the trees, and the beautiful trees peering through the big picture window.

Jesus is the light.  And as long as I’m home, the lights will be on.  The JOY of Christmas which shines through in a home filled and decorated with lights, needs to be celebrated and enjoyed.  The cozy shine and sparkle.  To remind us that Jesus is the one true light.






I’m obviously not the only one who is loving Mary & Martha’s Advent Puzzle Tree.  We are ALL SOLD OUT.  I am sorry for those who wanted it and couldn’t get it…yet.  There is a possibility it will make it’s way back.  But I will do my best to show you the activities through this Advent and Christmas season.

Praying for you to celebrate the love, the light, and the JOY of Jesus this Advent and Christmas season…


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