what’s on your list?


“Jesus is the son of God”  Acts 9:20

Yesterday’s Advent activity was to make a list of three great things Jesus did when He was on earth.

What would you list?  The miracles?  His birth?  No sin?  His teaching?

I think the greatest thing  Jesus ever did was to LOVE everyone.  Even those who persecuted him.  I mean, what can be worse than people hating you, betraying you, and in the end, killing you?  And then, I find myself struggling to love.  Wow, that’s a change in perspective.  That is all he is asking us to do.  To love each other as He loves us.  As He loves us even when we are unlovable.  He loves us when we don’t love ourselves.  I can think of no greater thing Jesus has done and no greater challenge for me personally.  To be the love and light of Jesus to everyone.  Even the unlovable.

“God has given us these times of joy.”  Psalm 81:4

Today’s activity is going to be more of a challenge, yet a fun activity that we have NEVER done.  Stringing a popcorn garland!  How exactly do you do that?  Do I need a needle and thread?  Have I told you that I am all things NOT sewing or crafting related? An activity for tonight while watching Duck Dynasty?  Now, could this be more of a challenge for me than to love?



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