reading between the lines.


Absolutely love the “basketball buddy” program we have implemented in our school district. Members of the high school boys and girls basketball teams pair up with the third graders. All of my girls have had buddies and Landon finally gets one too! He is so excited and pumped because his basketball buddy is someone who goes to church with him and already plays basketball with him before and after church. Seriously…can God be more awesome?!!

And then Miss Nat now gets to be a buddy herself for the first time. I love this program. Nat received her packet of basketball buddy stuff and she already had a precious letter from a little girl. Now, keep in mind, these kids know that Natalie and Landon are brother and sister. As evidenced by her sweet note that we all got a great laugh from…

Do you see the one-liner in there? Something to the effect about how hard life is for Nat at home…

So tell me? What does that say to you? (I am still laughing)

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