learning to improvise.


Let’s just face the music…or at least I need to. There are many good things that take the place of other good things. It happens all the time. Things come up and priorities get jumbled around.


Stringing popcorn while watching Duck Dynasty turned in to eating popcorn with no needle and thread to be seen (although I did have it with me!!)




Playing a board game together turned into a week full of playing basketball games for each of the four kids, pep talks and love from grandparents, and cheering on your big sisters.

In our family, we do have to improvise. A lot. Hair appointments pop up (hello—three girls), a Christmas formal to prepare for, and traditions that are begging and waiting to be planned and prepared for may take a backseat because life is just not cooperating.

Keeping the focus on joy. To be intentional. To love on others and keep the gift of giving and loving others as a priority. To recognize and realize that not every person can find joy in this season so many of us love. And what joy looks like for some, it may look very different for others. What I may think needs to happen in and for our family may not be what has to happen to bring joy.

I guess what I’m saying is…improvisation is clearly where things are at right now. And I need to be ok with that. The message and expectation of the season—what really matters most—will not change—even if we don’t get the popcorn strung.


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