brinks in Her Jammie’s means…


It’s Christmas Lights Night in the winter wonderland!

As the kids get older, our creativity needs to bump up a level—because sending them to bed to find wrapped Jammie’s was not happening oh so well. So up the stairs they were placed as we called the kids upstairs.



‘Twas the year of sweaty feet with the requested footie pjs. And I will tell you, finding Landon’s size that was not super hero related was quite the experience. Thank you Sears in Hutchinson—-my very last stop right after work yesterday morning.

The snowy weather took us to a very close neighboring town that had a Sonic. Hot chocolate was an epic fail this year as there was something else that took up all of my time last evening…


A homemade Chocolate Covered Cherry recipe from a friend. I know they are amazing. And I know why you only make them ONE time a year. Hours spent and I haven’t even dipped them yet.

Another Christmas Lights Night in the books—-and it even happened BEFORE Christmas this year!


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