THIS is why God gave me girls…


I know there are many reasons I was blessed with three sweet girls. Sometimes, I wonder if it was because I was such a peach for my parents as they raised me—and I am getting a taste of my own, um, “sweetness”—three times over. I know that they were each placed specifically in our family for a very special purpose. I know I was chosen to be their mom. To teach them to love Jesus, to be the best girls they can be to their friends, to others, and to be a light in this world. I know that there are challenges and we will continue to have challenges. Because, let’s face it—three girls in the tween and teen stage? Um, yeah.

And then God sends along a huge blessing in disguise. Three girls who all wear the same size shoe as their momma. Now that is a gift. And THAT is a gift I capitalized on this Christmas. Thanks to Mary & Martha, I have some humongous boxes come my way each week. And after a few months of shopping, I came up with 5 pairs of shoes/boots that I believed fit all of our styles in one way or another. And you know, a literal BIG gift under the tree, is always fun, no matter what your age. And with these shoes/boots? No one can say “No, you can’t wear MY shoes”. Because ALL of the shoes are ALL of ours.

Now when we all want to wear the same shoe on the same day? (not likely I will be vying to wear the cowgirl boots) THEN, will be our chance to thank God for giving us challenges of three girls and a chance to remember what a blessing they are…


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