he doesn’t make me coffee anymore…


I can’t help but singing this to the tune of “he doesn’t love me anymore”…that’s a song, right?  It’s sure in my head.  And it does bring me down, I’ve gotta say.  As much as Steve LOVES his Christmas gift (from me and the kids), I am beginning to loathe looking at it sitting atop my countertop.  Maybe it is because I don’t know how to use it and am not willing to learn how?  Perhaps it’s because this was purchased FOR HIS OFFICE.  Could it be I am feeling a sense of loss and abandonment in our relationship?  Well, um, yes.

Here it is in all its’ one cup splendor. Just mocking me as I make my pot of coffee for myself. What used to be such a loving display of affection from my once kind and thoughtful husband, has been taken away, one cup at a time. Leaving me with my own pot of coffee to make and drink on.my.own. Who is to blame I ponder? None other than myself and the makers of the Bunn My Cafe…

Enough whining. My coffee is made and I am excited for a day of preparation for tomorrow…
The Steve Kaufman is Going to Lose his Mind blowout Sale!!

I’m working hard. Looking at what outfits I pinned on Pinterest to see what I can put together from my own closet (resourceful!!!), drinking my self-made coffee (necessary!!!), making my grocery list for the gathering (yay—new recipes!!!), and putting together a really awesome product for purchase (card organizer with 12 cards for $12—I’ll have two).

And if I’m really, really productive, I will get some more pics of what is to come on my inventory blowout sale tomorrow. Before we head to basketball? It’s my goal. I may need to make more coffee —for myself, by myself.


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  1. You are so cute Steph and I love your blogs! The coffee thing rings a bell and I my hubby makes me coffee, so we have not kept up in getting the one cup wonders! I need way more coffee lol!   Jackie

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