the way it is supposed to be.


Oh wow.  If you were to look at my goals for last year and this year, you would find one at the very top of the list in regards to my Mary & Martha business…


Last year when I didn’t qualify, I was so bummed.  Bummed because I had been praying for this.  And I just felt like God kept opening doors but not ever did I get close enough.  Again, my goal was to go to Leadership, this year in San Antonio.  I even blocked out dates on my calendar so as to not interfere with my hospital work schedule.  I blocked out my church schedule.  I put it IN MY CALENDAR.   And then, this year it happened.  All in God’s timing!  and I have been anticipating this trip for months now.

And then, our family schedule went nuts.  I mean, NUTS!!!  Things I didn’t think were happening are now happening.  High School Homecoming which was not on my calendar is now on Friday night.  Natalie’s tournament and Landon’s tournaments were not in my mind at the time.  Spirit Week and all that entails for my girl didn’t even cross my mind.  All of the ways we would need to shuffle for me to be gone did not knock me in the head until now.  Added activities.  More needs.  More scheduling than we had anticipated.

I was talking to a friend this morning and she had such wise and comforting words for me.  That had I known of all of these things that seemed to be stacking up all of the sudden, I would have chosen not to go to Leadership.  And I sat and thought about that.  And she is exactly right.  I was excited and made this a goal of mine on purpose and for a reason.  I committed to it for a reason.   And that has made all of the difference in the world for me as I pack up and prepare to be gone for the weekend.  And knowing that my family is going to do just fine here without me, and I have a cell phone for texting, facetime, video, and pictures.  You can almost practically be at activities and get the play by play with our phones.  I am so thankful for that.

For this weekend, this is the way it is supposed to be. And now it may make more sense the look of frazzle on Steve’s face as he prepares to tackle it all.   I am excited for the way in which God is leading and for what is to come from this conference.  And even more excited to share–new products and new energy!



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