perspective, circumstances, and the BOSS man.


Allow perspective to determine your circumstances…

do NOT allow circumstances to determine your perspective.

That is huge.  Isn’t it?  This is the token nugget I took away from our sending after worship at Mary & Martha’s Leadership conference in San Antonio yesterday morning.  The way we think affects our actions–don’t you think?  Some people are so good at taking a “circumstance” and if not a desired outcome, press on and keep a life-giving perspective.  How often, circumstances that could be out of our own control, we let control us.  We let drive our perspective on every other detail of life.  We let circumstances determine who we are, what we can or can not do.  When all along, there is one boss.  Do we approach this day with awareness of who is BOSS?  —from Jesus Calling devotion for this Monday morning, January 20th.  When things are going our way and we are successful, we can be easily unaware of the Sovereign Lord from whom all blessings flow.  And when they don’t go our way, we are unsuccessful, we are down on ourselves, on everyone, our perspective is shaped in the exact opposite way of what we want—how quickly do we look to the One who is doing a good work within us.  Even if for that moment, it doesn’t feel so good.

There are absolutely SO many wonderful things I am excited to share about my last four days.  Some of which are literally new products!!!  YAY!!!

1016405_458594030932952_1215629243_n 1511326_458583024267386_270396093_n

Some of which includes ways we are going to make it BETTER to be a hostess.   And new tools to use so hopefully I will be a BETTER consultant for each and every one of you.  Ideas are swarming in my head.  Ideas for new ways to do gatherings—how about a FACEBOOK GATHERING?!!  You just get in your jammies and join me as I present videos of the ministry, the business, the products, and giveaways!!  (the only part that gets me is videos of myself—gonna have to work through that one!)  I am so convicted now to tithe my earnings which are specifically from Mary & Martha.  To give back to ministries I am passionate about and let Mary & Martha infuse into as much as my life as I can.

Honestly?  I woke up this morning overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed at all that needs to be done.  Excited about all that is to come.  And working on my perpective—so my PERSPECTIVE determines my circumstances in this business and ministry, in my life as a wife, a mom, and every other thing I am passionate about.  To NOT let my circumstances (which are not always going to be good, right?) determine my perspective.  I’m going to have to let the BOSS take over.  Give Him credit when circumstances go well.  And look to Him for how he is working when things don’t quite go my way.

How might we change  our lives by this challenge of allowing perspective to determine our circumstances.

I am beyond excited to find out…



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