and this is how it shaped up.


This may come as shocking news to some of you.  It sure did me.  But…my family did AWESOME without me this past weekend!  HA!  Not shocking at all, actually…but you know how we as moms think it can’t happen without us?  I am here to tell you.  It happens.  And it happened well.  Just look at these four smiling, happy, thriving, well fed kiddos…


I seriously bet ya’ll wish I didn’t use my iphone pics, huh?!  These kiddos got everywhere they needed to be on time and maybe some places they didn’t really want to be on time as well.  Natalie went to the homecoming dance without her mommy to come home to and tell all the details to.  Landon got out the door to Pratt for a tourney with hopefully a bag of snacks.  (not sure about that, actually) Kourtney buddied up with Uncle Sam and Kass was Steve’s right hand woman for the day.  I got updates throughout my days in between some of this…


Receiving gifts of the Mary & Martha brand—“living in the &”…

and this…


Learning to know new people, finding out my roommate was a nurse too(!), listening to the heart of a mom who lost her son tragically in a car accident and connecting with her because of Steve’s sister, Janelle’s tragic death, and reconnecting with Sandra–the gal I called out of the blue one summer morning to become a Mary & Martha consultant.  And I’ve got to say, this stay at home mom/work every once in awhile labor and delivery nurse LOVES the words business casual.  I’m guessing it’s because most of my days are in yoga pants, sweatshirts, or nursing scrubs.  I love to dress up.  I admit it.  It is the funnest thing ever.  (funnest?)  And the formal dinner nights?  Right up my alley…because you know you have to dress to the nines when you have a dessert plate that looks like this…

20140121-094834.jpg Thankful for a mom who took time away just to drive with me. Paid a lot for a hotel room and I don’t think she ate a thing the whole time she was there, all while I was fed 3 meals a day plus snacks. A great 22 hours of road time, I made sure we got at least one good meal in her before crossing over to the Kansas border. 20140121-095127.jpg As good as it is to be away (for everyone’s sake), it does not change the fact that this was the most precious text I got all weekend long… 20140121-095245.jpg Now before you jump to conclusions–no—my 9 year old son does not have a phone. He used an iPad with a free texting app. We debated this decision, and rightly so from the texts I’ve received from him when he’s sitting on the couch just a room away from me telling me he’s hungry.  But he redeemed himself with this one.  And I was so thankful he had texting once I received this.  There’s so much in this text that says what he’s feeling.  Even if he doesn’t admit it, I can feel the love and it made my heart smile. pratt tourney 1st place

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