obsession alert: PIKO!


Alright—so I have not been able to get PIKO out of my mind since my conference last weekend.  I didn’t want to post about this, because you know, it’s just another one of my obsessions and I don’t actually have a PIKO in my possession…yet.  I am also hesitant in posting because Steve is not always such a fan of my obsessions.  Mostly, because they cost $$.  Can anyone relate?  Now before I show you why I am obsessed with this, I have to know if anyone else is as obsessed as I?  I know one person who is.  But does anyone know what PIKO is?  Why have I never learned of this?  Is the suspense killing you?

This is what I would describe as PIKO clothing—comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and flattering.  Now who would not want a closet full of this?  Mary & Martha’s general sales manager rocked the PIKO the whole weekend.  And finally I just had to ask her where she got her tops from and what they were.  She is obsessed with them as well I found out.  And my friends and I there were buzzing around about PIKO.  And then my friend facebooked me that she had in fact ordered some PIKO on MONDAY when she got home.  And I laughed and said my PIKO is sitting in a cart waiting for me to order.  And now as I am typing this, I am totally freaked out that Steve is going to freak out that I am spending my paycheck on said PIKO.  Well—freak out buddy.  Because I am gettin’ my PIKO on.

If you have not clicked on the word PIKO yet, you can just CLICK {HERE} to see what I’m talking about.

And then…today my JANE deal came across my email.  And what did my eyes see?  A top that looks VERY similar to a PIKO.  The description is the same.  And it’s at an awesome price.  So I bought 2 without thinking twice, because I have lost out on deals with Jane before due to thinking things over and discerning my purchase.  Hi Steve!  I love you, Steve!  I may have used your credit card today, Steve…

14662_53b3289a3f604c70a79c320a25dc9196 14662_b2f3d28189ce48d8a8cf14ef08eb92e5 14662_db3643eb98324cb2bcfd81f1e5ec3610

This is what the JANE website showed.  They look exactly like the PIKO I have been obsessing over for the last week.  And so I commented on the Jane facebook comments—and then my cousin saw that, texted me and said she had ordered one of these tops (which we still don’t know if it is PIKO or not) and said SHE LOVED IT!!!

Ok.  I am done.  I am pumped and can’t wait to see this shirt.  And if it’s what I think it is?  I may be wearing it each and every time you see me.  Thank you to Mary & Martha for not only a wonderful weekend of business planning, unity, and product reveal.  But for the introduction to PIKO.  {Thanks KIM MARQUETTE!}

(and if you too would like to get in on the JANE deal, click HERE to sign up)  But if you want those shirts, you better hurry.  There were just a few left when I ordered.

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