thank goodness for Landon.


Know what happens when your husband is up late working on projects?  When he’s up early working on projects?  When he has early morning meetings in a city 35 minutes away?  When this 40 year old body of mine works a night shift and tries to stay up for a meeting the next day?  When this old woman doesn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep in one day?


Know what happens when your teenage daughters don’t set their iHome alarms—or their phone or iPod alarms?  (because, you know that is the reason they need their phones/ipods to charge in their rooms so they can be sure to get up…)


Know what happens when your 9 year old son comes bounding in your room at 7:21 am asking “is there school today, Mom?” And “oh, I forgot, I have homework.”

I will tell you.  You shoot out of bed, heart racing, near panic attack, and hope and pray with all of your might that your girls did in fact set their alarms the night before.  And when you find out they did not?

You send Landon to wake them up.


What an appropriate devotion for me (us) today.  “thank Me when thing do not go your way, because spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials.  Adverse circumstances are normal in a fallen world.  Expect them each day.”


Too bad we didn’t have time to read it BEFORE school.



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