around the table.


Five years ago we were right smack dab in they middle of building our home. With building, you are forced to determine where your priorities lie—with family, daily life, where you’ll spend your time, what you’ll spend your time doing and so forth. We knew, that with four kids, and the dreams we have of them bringing their families back “home” for fellowship around our table was at the top of our list.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to invest in a larger table. Something we knew we would have forever. And something that could fit many people. Between family and friends, we wanted to be sitting around our table as much as possible. Since that investment, we have said so many times how this particular table was probably one of our most treasured items in our home. Used for so many things, yet–in this season of life—not used near as much as we would like.

Think about your table. Who has been sitting there? Who is yet to sit there? What joys have you shared there? Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays? Have there been hard conversations around your table? Disappointments, struggles, challenges faced?

We started our weekend of Mary & Martha Leadership with an amazing devotion by our general sales manager—all about “the table”. All while we were sitting and enjoying breakfast together–get this–around tables. There is something about the table that breaks down barriers. Relaxes a person and brings forth relationship.

Kim, our sales manager, gave many examples of how Jesus himself used the table–this catalyst for relationships. Matthew 26–the Last Supper—he calls his disciples to eat with Him around the table. Eating this dinner shows the intimate relationship they had with him.

I love our table. I love the people who sit around our table. I get excited about who will be sitting around our table this week. And who is yet to come.

Kim left us with this. And I love this message…

“Teach others to have a table prepared for guests. Your table is a bigger picture than dinner.”


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