a zero…and then a HERO!!!


So, sometimes my creativity leaves little to be desired.  I was doing just about everything in my power to NOT have to thaw meat today.  I had leftover chicken in the fridge that I knew I would use for one of our meals —you know SNOW DAYS require me providing 3 meals!  But that’s where it ended as far as meat for the Kaufman’s.  Unless of course I would thaw something.  And remember?  I’m trying NOT to thaw.


In all honesty, my family is NOT picky about food.  I have never had problems with them eating their veggies or trying new things.  I will never forget when Landon took an avocado for lunch at school and freaked his classmates out as a kindergartner.  So funny!  But, this dish pictured above made some eyebrows raise.  Perhaps the most raised eyebrows were from Steve.  (darn him.)  Now remember, I am trying NOT to thaw meat.

The day before I had baked muffins and cornbread which left me with over half a 9×13 pan of cornbread.  And finally, you can only eat so much.  I toyed with cornbread croutons but wanted to get more out of it than a salad topper.

SO—I came up with a chili thick full of beans and tomatoes.  Simmered that on the stove, topped with sharp cheddar cheese, then layered cubed cornbread over the top.  All in my cast iron skillet!  Which went in the oven on warm for the majority of the afternoon.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  Got quite a bit done, knowing supper was basically done besides throwing together a salad.



The green part of our meal was a Kale salad with roasted carrots.  I had one of these salads last week in Lawrence at First Watch and it was delicious!  So I wanted to recreate it as a side dish.  (the original salad had cranberries, slivered almonds, and parmesan cheese in it–yum!)

Let’s just say, First Watch did a “bit” better job of making that salad.  And let’s just say, my family struggled a bit with my main dish.


Don’t let Steve’s smile fool you.

I had a feeling this meal would be less than desirable and therefore Kass and I made cookies!!  So fun!!  In fact, my cookie recipe was a new one that I saw a friend of mine, Cara, post about from Pinterest.  You can find the recipe here!

We were excited.  Kassidy said “everything Mrs. Craig makes is good”.  And she had comment after comment about how good they are.  So I was pumped.  Except I had NO pretzels.  (yes, pretzels are in this cookie!!)

Thankful to have sweet neighbors who have pretzels, we were well on our way.  Everything was going perfectly as planned—and because these cookies were supposedly so yummy, we decided to double the batch.

Let’s just put it out there.  {Doubling butter to 1 cup = 2 sticks.}

The cookies smelled delicious and came out of the oven looking pretty good.

Then I tried to get them out of the pan and they crumbled.

Then the kids and Steve each ate one and didn’t give me the raving reviews I was expecting.


I realized I had quadrupled the butter.

At this point, I was feeling like a big ZERO in the kitchen.


I became a HERO!!!

And now I’m going to share at Tonya’s Weekend Potluck a new recipe that I created because of a big ole’ mess up.

Check back on Friday to see how to make some of the “best OOPS Cookies” ever!!!!

Just ask Steve.  He  was the only one to get the new version, and he said they were “awesome”!



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  1. I have some of those “zero” moments myself! More then I care to admit… In fact we kinda have a code for when something is not so good. I ask if I should make it again and they either assure me “yes” or quietly shake their heads “no”… Enough said! That being said, I’ve had plenty of “happy accidents” on the kitchen too!

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  3. I’ve had some ZERO recipes myself and my family loves to remind me of them. I once forgot to add flour to a scratch pound cake recipe…what a mess, but could not waste all that butter, so I ended up making a pie with the batter, and the family loved it. They love to tell how I made the cake into a pie, but I’ve had plenty of oops that were not remedied, so when that happens, it’s worth bragging about for sure. (I just didn’t remember how I recreated to ever make it again) Hurray for you! =)

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