finding happy.


Sometimes finding happy is really easy.  Like in the case of our last week.  And out of all of the pictures that depicts happiness, this has GOT to be the best…


League Tourney Champs 2014


And if you’re not able to play with your big sis, who better than a cousin who’s also a best friend?  These girls are not going to forget that tournament—and especially the championship game.  Ever.  These are definitely memories that shape who you become.  And things you will look back on.


And the icing on the donut, was the boys bringing home the victory as well.

I will say, the games were too close for my comfort.  But I think it may have made those victories even more sweet.  Now my anxiety level?  Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.


Evidently, Landon thought it was pretty cool to win a championship in the closest way possible as well.  By one point in overtime.  Holy cow.


I wish I could have seen, and I wish all of you could have seen the great Operation Penguin Blessing that happened in our community the other night.  I know they were blessed.  I’ve talked to so many.  I’ve seen so many penguins at ball games and various places.  I have seen happy.  Happy because of all of YOU blessing kids.

lennon m&M1

Above is my regular Mary & Martha attendee.  Gatherings just aren’t right unless she is involved.  Can you see why?

us us1

An unexpected Valentine’s Date.  You know, it really is awesome when your kids get old enough to take care of each other at home.  Even though I “boo hoo” for the days of toddlers.

And—just for the record.  I do NOT like going to Cabela’s.  Steve loves going to Cabela’s.  Especially when waiting on restaurants for two hours.  BUT, when you find a really good deal (a good deal that will fit all of your girls and you) AND the sale price is sweet, AND you have Cabela’s points to pay for it with?  Well, then…Cabela’s becomes somewhat of a place of happy.  Anyone with me?

mesprogram mesprogram1

And you can’t help but be happy to see 3rd–5th graders pour out their hearts in a program.

Sometimes you have weeks where happiness just is jumping up and down at you everywhere!!  And that is amazing, isn’t it?  Sometimes your happiness is a direct connection to someone else’s unhappiness—like in the championship games the other night and this weekend.  And you know that it could easily be you on the other end the next time around.

Sometimes we have to look really hard to find any happy around us at all.

This week, I am praising God for the happy we haven’t had to look for.


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