burundi for ten.


Products with a purpose.  Products with a mission.  That is one of the reasons I love Mary & Martha, among many.  And when we introduced coffee with a story, I was so excited.  We’ve been selling direct trade coffee from Honduras for almost a year now.  It’s been so fun to serve at gatherings and I LOVE when I have people re-order and freak out when they run out.  That. is. awesome.


Just a few weeks ago, we introduced a new coffee from an African country of Burundi, which is wracked by war and poverty.  “It is literally the hungriest country in the world.”  But this country has great potential.  If you would, please take a look at THIS article.  Click [here].  Amazing story of hope called the Long Miles Coffee Project.   And Mary & Martha gets to be a part of this!!

So here is the deal.  I want YOU all to be a part of making a difference.  And I want you to try an African-grown coffee, which is said to be among the most premium coffee in the world.  And of course I want you to get a good deal while you’re at it.  Because once you try it, I know you’re going to love it.

Our new Burundi coffee is on special for my customers for $10.  Ten BUCKS.  Your choice of whole bean, ground, dark, medium, or light roast.  And you know what makes all of our coffee special?

FRESHNESS:  When you order, your coffee is roasted and shipped directly to you within a week.  (Compare that to coffee in retail stores that can sit on the shelf for up to twelve months!)

CONVENIENCE:  Knowing you can purchase premium, fresh-roasted coffee and have it delivered to your door within a week, why purchase from the store again?

IMPACT:  We are passionate about sourcing coffee in a way that creates partnerships and opportunities that make a difference in the local communities where it is grown.

(***taken from the new Spring Product Guide)

TEN DOLLARS!!!  I’ll pay tax and shipping.  You get to try our new coffee and your chance to win FREE coffee by giving me a review I can use.

With 50 bags sold, I am giving away one of my favorite new products—-the food-safe pewter coffee scoop.  It’s sitting right here, valued at $26.  I want to give this to someone!!!

coffeescoop1 coffeescoop2

Our cups DO overflow, don’t they?

10 bucks gets you fresh roasted coffee that is helping to feed a country.

How many do you want?

Special available now through Sunday, February 23rd.


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