fill my shoes.


I don’t know all of the details about what happened with an “all school” morning filled with a gym of kindergarten through 12 graders TOGETHER in a day coined “Wildcat Day”.   I do know, one activity was “fill my shoes”.  It has made me all teary and weepy after hearing about it.  So amazingly awesome.  You take the activities from sports to music, debate, cheer, and everything our school has to offer—-and recognize the activity by an upperclassmen representative—and then calling on the littles of our school—to ask them to “fill their shoes”.  Emotional, because I just see these next 10 years of raising our kids in this community and in our school district flying by before my very eyes.  Kourtney was on TOP OF THE WORLD to be called up to “fill MacKenzie’s shoes”.  What joy.  What an awesome idea USD 423.  I love it.


Who knows what Kourtney may end up doing as she gets older?  Or Landon?  And Nat and Kass are right in the middle of making decisions and taking opportunities placed in front of them.

What a wonderful reminder that theses “little wildcats” are looking up to you older ones.  In more ways than you even know.  They are seeing what opportunities they are going to be given, testing out their passions, and dreaming of being “big” someday.

jvbball jvbball1

Obviously, a huge passion for my kids (and well, let’s face it—Moundridge as a whole!!) is basketball.  These JV girls just finished out their season undefeated!  New friendships evolve and joys and struggles do too.  So much to be gained from these experiences.

There are just some days when the blessings of being planted right where we are at become so apparent.

And I’m feeling it today.


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