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had to be documented.


Ok. I know that at some point this post isn’t going to go over very well. So if you can just snicker to yourselves that my boy was playing with “Frozen” figurines, maybe he won’t know about it. But man, it made my heart smile to see this..

When most of the time what I see is this…

So totally putting those in his Easter basket…

back together again…almost



It’s no secret that I wish these two girls right here would just be entering Kindergarten and 1st grade. Seriously. The hard reality and the exciting reality is that it’s high school for both here in the next few months.

I remember so vividly talking with Steve of the day when they would be together in junior high—which was so fun. And when they would get to spend the majority of high school together. It’s almost here!

This is what our week consisted of. A little bit of stress, a lot of anxiety, and these girls working together again for a goal. Probably my favorite part of cheer tryouts was this right here. Seeing them together.

This year is flying by. So not ready to send Kass off to high school—but so much to look forward to when she’s there.

the blind will now see.


Spring break meant all of us getting ready for the warmer weather. Cutting out the dead of winter from our landscape, preparing the grass for new growth, trimming our closets of things we no longer can use or need, and of course it meant Brinks needed to take care of her ridiculous winter coat as well. Leaving her basically completely naked. And shivering. And burrowing underneath blankets the majority of her waking hours …


I know, I know. We are awful dog owners. Just plain awful. She may have been unable to see for months.

And I think she liked it that way.

culture shock


I could let myself get really bent out of shape that we have not actually heard my daughter’s voice the past few days while she’s been on her band trip to Nashville.

And then, I realize, this generation texts. It’s their love language. Really.


Guessing there will be some sleeping in her future today—-but she’s gonna be talking to me before any of that happens…



Sometimes the best trips are not planned. Things just fall into place and everything works out just right and you decide to pick up and go cheer on your ‘hawks –in no better place than Lawrence, the home of KU. Which just happens to be the home of some family whom we don’t see near enough. A texting conversation ended with an invitation to join my parents and brother for dinner and the game. The crazy thing was our kids already had the afternoon and evening planned with cousins and a sleepover. The even crazier thing was that a short call to Steve with the road trip proposition resulted in him taking an unplanned half day of vacation and skipping town. I LOVE it when that happens.


Two out of three Kansas wins so far is a great day of basketball. But nothing beats cheering our Jayhawks on in one of the best restaurants around (in our opinion of course) and with some pretty awesome people…

Great food…


Bellies full and hearts full. Eyes droopy as we make the trek back home cheering on the cats to make it a Kansas winning trifecta. Totally worth it.

angels unaware…


Have you ever heard of that verse from Hebrews 13?  “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers…”–by doing so, you may have shown hospitality to angels without even knowing it…


I’m pretty sure I served some angels last night, and didn’t even know it.  I was really sure when a couple of people began singing the doxology and others joined in.  I was really sure when my sweet neighbor lady and another older mentor came and graced me with their company.  I was really sure when a sweet little baby girl helped us hand out raffle tickets.  I was definitely sure when hugs were shared.  I was sure when both of my “moms” were working in my kitchen.  I was sure from the first time Dawn came up to the door with flowers and a pineapple (thank you!!).  I was sure each time my door swung open and a smiling face entered eager to earn more raffle tickets.   And I  was sure when I closed the door and the last guest left.  Grace and gratitude at it’s finest—overwhelmed me.


This was my inspiration for the entire themed evening.  It’s just the little things, you know?  These are a perfect way to use the Mary & Martha orange napkins.  I never knew I could love orange so much!!  And for Easter—they look like carrots.  I can’t remember where the idea came from, but I was pumped when I realized I could recreate with our napkins.  Woo Hoo!!


Which inspired me to snatch up this sweater that I would have never bought in my normal every day life.  But then again, what is my normal every day life anyway?  JUDAS!!!  It was bright.  And there’s Dawn Stanford.  What can I even say about Dawn other than I was completely spoiled by her.  And am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that she came to our little city.  WOW.


Kind of like Christmas is for me.  Lots of excitement and anticipation.  I seriously had more fun this last week preparing.  And then it FINALLY gets here…

558745_10152694378199535_822966223_n 10151435_10152694377939535_1769761297_n

And see all of these guests?  Like presents under the tree–only better.


And I get to call these two my co-workers!  Congratulations Cassie and welcome to my team!


Truly, one of the most exciting emails I ever get.  Enrollment alerts!  This means Mary & Martha is spreading deeper, wider, and further than before.

1796667_10152694377779535_215701638_n 1925059_10152694377219535_725840445_n sf sf1 sf5

Cupcakes from Miss Beth at Grandma B’s Kitchen.  She is the best and so sweet and you really need to LIKE her HERE on facebook.


Pretty sure Dawn worked her magic on this little cutie and we are looking at a Mary & Martha consultant in the making!!


I’m sure praying for another event like this.  Spring Fling 2015 perhaps?


And then there’s today.  Sweet blessings.

breaking my own rules…


Spring break is half way over already.  Oh my goodness!!  I have one girl leaving on a band trip VERY early tomorrow morning, a good friend coming over today whom I don’t see hardly at all anymore, and a big, humongous gathering of all gatherings tomorrow night.  So much fun—but I feel like Spring Break should be a couple of weeks long.  Anyone else with me?  At this point, I am doubting the success of finding Kassidy’s 8th grade promotion dress before Monday rolls along.  But hey—we had a planning meeting last night for the 8th grade party!!!  Can I just say we have some amazing parents in her class.  So there is some productivity happening over here.

I know you have heard A LOT about Mary & Martha here in the last few days.  The Ultimate Mary & Martha Spring Fling is set to take place tomorrow evening, and I am super pumped.  And so obviously, you are all seeing it coming through what you are hearing from me.  Definitely breaking the rules of how many posts I want to post about Mary & Martha.  But–I think it’s worth it.  When I saw the corporate facebook posts yesterday highlighting Moundridge, KS as one of the Mary & Martha touring cities, I could hardly handle it.  It is just so cool.  I know I am over the top—but I am just overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity.  And obviously, Mary & Martha believes in my customers, consultant team, and the city of Moundridge, KS.  Is that awesome or what?


I know tomorrow night may not work for all of you, but I do ask for you to lift this evening up and lather it in prayer.  There are some who have been contemplating the business.  There are some who love the products.  There may be some who are thinking about having their own gatherings. Some want to meet this Home office sweetheart, Dawn Stanford (and she IS a sweetheart!) who we’ve been talking about for the last couple of months.   And some are just gonna be here for the girl time!!!  Every one of those reasons is exactly the why behind The Ultimate Mary & Martha Spring Fling.

The giveaways are going to phenomenal.  And I haven’t even given any more hints.  So here’s a pic.  It’s something in there.  I just received mine yesterday and it got put out as soon as I could get the box open…


just a springin’…


We didn’t plan anything too special in particular for Spring Break for our family.  We are just getting to know each other again being home together after a busy fall and winter!!  That in itself has been awesome.   A 5:00 am wake up call from Natalie and Steve, not quite so awesome.

Now, I love to workout—especially in the morning because, duh, it’s over with!  But no matter what, trying to put my own two feet over the side of the bed and get into a vertical position at 5:00 am never feels good.  What I do know, that is by 6:30 am and after a cup of coffee, I am a MUCH better mom—happy, collected, and ready to take on the day versus getting up right before or as the kids do—when I’m likely to not be happy to welcome the new day.  So as much as I yelled, screamed, and threw a fit, it was awesome to be with Steve, Nat, and Kass to help prepare them for their killer track workout that starts in just ONE week.  Did you hear that girls?  You will be wincing everytime you sit down and try to go to the bathroom.  Like fall on the toilet hurting… HA!!  Only because I’ve been there… (and am there this morning—in fact, typing is hurting my triceps.)

springbreak springbreak2 springbreak4

And it was St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Brought back memories of last year’s trip with the fam to Omaha when the KU loving grandparents gave us all shirts—so fun!  We took advantage of a calm day before the storm of the week and introduced the kids to Steve’s new workplace.  Which isn’t really new—he’s been there for 6 months.  But, with school, practices, games, and what not–they had never been there.  And we conveniently visited right before his lunch break…

springbreak3 springbreak5

It was a “Kourtney Day” as we called it—(the other kids just love that!) She has been begging ever since her birthday to get her ears double pierced.  Not sure we consulted Dad on this because if mom has double piercings, than why can’t she, right?  Well, she saved her birthday $$ until after all of her games were done.  And yesterday was the day.  Steve muttered something about “so is a tattoo next?”

springbreak6 springbreak7

A little Spring Fling shopping with Kourtney, you know–because it was her day, led us to find this when we got back to the suburban…

springbreak8 springbreak9

So yeah…how is that 5:00 am workout working for them?