so much more than bundt cake.



During the last couple of months as we make goals and dream about what 2014 looks like, I have been forced to figure out exactly what Mary & Martha means for me, and for our family.

I love to have people in my home.  I do.  And I believe that Mary & Martha has given me that opportunity to fulfill this passion (for lack of a better word).  It does bring me joy.  I love figuring out different ways to gather together.  I love the different combinations of people each and every time.  I love that Mary & Martha makes it easy to serve others and entertain.  Meaningful entertaining…made simple.  Now where have I heard that before?

bcb1 bcb2

More than anything, there is just something comforting about being around the table.  There it is again—that table.  But the table is just the object, and a symbol.  A symbol of relationships, of fellowship, and of community.  I crave that.  I really do.  My heart is never so full as when people gather together…just because.

At the Bundt Cake Bonanza party, we had 14 guests gathered together.  On one side of my table was all family.  On the other side of the table were friends–mostly lifelong friends and a few new.

I looked at my family–a grandma, my mom, and 4 great aunts.  It was a feeling of contentment for me.  Drinking coffee and no care in the world.  I looked at my friends—and thankful to know they took a Friday evening to come and sit on the other side of my table.

I looked at the bundt cakes inside the bundt pans.  And heard different stories of how the pans worked for different people.  Some who greased and floured when the directions say not to.  Some who baked it directly on the oven racks.  Some who followed the directions to a “t”.  And others who never got any directions from me—OOPS!!!

So much more was around that table besides the bundt pans and coffee that sat atop.

I don’t know that without Mary & Martha if this exact group would have been together here.  I don’t know that without Mary & Martha that I would gather people together intentionally each month.  I didn’t know that without Mary & Martha how much more I would be missing.

So blessed by all who have and who will gather around our table.


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