no sandwiches!!!


We almost feel as if we are having out of body experiences over at our house as we started the week…

No sandwiches!! Did you hear that? I haven’t packed a family size Thirty-one bag full of sandwiches to be eaten at a ball game for two whole weeknight evenings in a row. I think it might be a record. And not sure home cooked meals have ever tasted so good?

Here is a recipe winner for you. It’s a Pioneer Woman original, but I saw it highlighted from my friend, Tonya’s blog here. Cinnamon Raisin Baked French Toast was a winner paired with turkey bacon and raspberries. A great brunch or breakfast as well—but fun to do throw in the mix for dinner as well.

(Favorite sports team day—lovin’ the crimson and blue)

Substate basketball, elementary school spirit week, and a week of meals at home. Doesn’t get much better than that…

And did you know it’s Daylight Savings Time this weekend? And we are beginning to plan an 8th grade promotion celebration party. Where is this year going so fast?

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