make it a habit.


Sometimes  you don’t have to work at it at all—like when joy just finds you.  You’ve had a great day at school, nailed a test, made the team, found out you were pregnant, got engaged, passed your state nursing exam, got that job you always wanted, went on vacation, got the promotion–the bonus–the recognition for a job well done.  You’ve rocked it at home with a supper made by noon, your house clean, and the laundry done.  (ha–is it ever done?)  You’ve found that awesome deal on and all your clothes you ordered online fit.  A morning of retail therapy ends with a lunch at Chipotle.  You get your nails done, your hair done, and a new bottle of perfume.  You’ve lost a few pounds and your skinny jeans fit and are comfy, your fave songs play on the radio on your way to work, you get out of work early, you earn a trip, you schedule your vacation, your kids are getting along, a good report cards, they do well on state assessments.  You have a fun shift at work and laugh your heads off, you rock a presentation you’ve been working on.  Where are the places you have found joy?  Looking in the mirror and there are no zits today?

I just love Ann Voskamp.

If you haven’t gotten to know her or her writing, you really need to.  She is a best-selling Christian writer.  In fact, she has a journal of 1000 Blessings that Mary & Martha sells.  And just like all of her writing, she posted on facebook today something that I just loved.  And don’t want to forget—so that’s why it’s coming here.


Wow, can I get wrapped up in what is not going right in my world.  Just as easy as it is for me to point out joy when things are going just my way, it’s almost easier to find the things that don’t bring me joy.  Isn’t that sad?

I love this.  Getting in the habit of wearing joy, even when it’s hard to find. I need to practice this.  Practice what we are preaching to our kids each and every day.  I can honestly say, there are days around here when a smile is hard to come by for some.   And we know where true joy comes from, right?  It’s not from any of those things listed above.  It comes from one place only…

This couldn’t have come at a better time.  Which tells me someone wanted me to see this today.


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