now THAT was fun.


Was yesterday beautiful or what?  There was just a different “feel” in the air (besides the 70+ degrees!!) that just made you want to skip when you walked outside.  What a gift that was.  I know I am in denial that colder weather is still hanging around.  But when I looked at this spring table last night, I’m going to pretend that spring is here to stay.  And that’s that.


Isn’t that beautiful?  And that’s after they had dinner.  The little cups had a nuts and M&M mixture in them.  The hostess used the napkins to hold the mixture and also a “napkin table runner” down the middle.  She just tore off a row of four.  How cute is that?

I was truly privileged to be asked to help spoil and love on some very special women last night.  And the whole idea of this (they get together frequently throughout the year) is that Cathy, Journey’s lead pastor’s wife (Journey is our church) gets the “Journey Staff Women” (which includes the children’s minister and pastor’s wives) together just to love on them, support them, and from what I witnessed last night, have a ton of fun!!


These girls had a wonderful dinner together and then Cathy surprised them with a Mary & Martha party and gave them this…


Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?  And to really put things over the top—Cathy had another friend and sweet gal from the church come and work her espresso machine and made us all some yummy specialty coffee drinks.

Cathy obviously realizes how important it is—the relationships made between these women.  The importance of cultivating these relationships.  The importance of support and love between them.  These women rock.  Like seriously.

And then we talked together about how Cathy has blessed each one of them.  And there was never a more resounding theme than that she is the epitome of living in the “&”.  Loving God & loving others.  So fitting for her to hold our beautiful ampersand tray.  Howard—Cathy needs this for Mother’s Day—just sayin’.


Cathy is a Martha.  She prepared that beautiful table.  And a wonderful meal.  Look at how she used our little mini loaf pans—a hummus tray.  YUM!  And yes, she made her own hummus.  I can imagine that is exactly what Martha would have done too…(it was delicious!!)

cathy4 cathy5 cathy6And then, just like Mary, Cathy sat down with these girls, drank a specialty coffee drink (Alaina rocks!!!), and loved on the people she welcomed into her home.

Living in the &.


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