transition craziness.


So March marks a transitional period in my life.  Much like September does in the fall, March just kind of signifies the beginning of spring.  Does it do that for you?

Like September is when I first get out my pumpkin and start making soups.  The soup thing continues on and on until about March.  And then soup just doesn’t feel quite right.

Likewise with my kitchen and fireplace mantel.  Two of the places I love most to decorate according to the time of year it is.  I keep a wintery feel until…March.  I guess you could call it my own little world of March Madness.  And then a snow storm hits, icy roads cover the city, we cancel church, and it feels like a full blown winter storm.  Yet, it’s March.  Get where my madness is coming in?

I have been waiting—it’s almost the middle of March—can that even be?  I have left the kitchen alone, because it snowed and was cold.  I have kept making soups because it snowed and was cold.  I have kept wearing my boots because it snowed and was cold.  I have kept wearing my winter scarves, you know, because it snowed and was cold.  And then, Monday rolls around and it’s over 70 + degrees.  Transitional madness ensues.  And just like that, I exchanged all of my winter scarves for more flowery, spring like scarves.  And just like that, I mourn the loss of my boots and pack them away. (all except one pair which I think I can get away with a few more weeks—I adore boots.)  And just like that, I put grilling outside on the menu plan.  And funny that this happens as the next day I get this text from my sweet friend…


Funny you should mention it!!


Perhaps the hardest of all to put back away until next year…

Goodbye boots.  I will miss you.  I wore you no less than 5 times per week for the last 6 months.

Can I wear my brown boots with my white jeans as a transitional spring outfit?  Can I?  I can’t decide.


Enter the perfect winter—->spring transitional shoes.

I am so thankful that God made life easy on us Kaufman girls by giving us the same shoe size.  Gives me so much more justified variety, right?  These are just perfect until you get your summer toes ready.  But as soon as they are ready, you can bet I am going with wedges this year…


But it feels too soon for them, doesn’t it?  I need a few more weeks.


Flowy, floral, light weight scarves are calling my name.  And in the spirit of our own March Madness, my KU scarf is going to be worn hopefully A LOT this month.

I love the seasons of Kansas, I really do.  But the transitions in between?  Not so much.

And I already told Steve and the kids I’m making chili one more time.  And it’s March.


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