EXCITING news—this just in—HOSTESS with the MOSTESS!!


This is short and sweet—but it’s info you NEED TO KNOW!!


Have you been nudged to have your very own Mary & Martha gathering lately?  Every once in awhile, a promotion comes out and we have just a few days to get ‘er done!  That’s right, this hostess promotion is only until the end of March.  And this promotion is prompting me to take that last week in March and devote it to you–all of my hostesses and potential hostesses.

Obviously, next week is a biggie for me if you have followed me at all with what’s happening at my house with a big SPRING FLING with Mary & Martha’s home office field development manager, Dawn Stanford.  I’m looking to pack my house for this evening and have spent the last few days in a spring transformation over here.  There is much more to come in the next few days about this SPRING FLING.  But for now, you can check HERE to see what I’m talking about.  And it’s your heads up to clear your schedule…{smile—I’m not trying to be bossy, but you’re gonna want to be here—please believe me!}

Back to my March hostesses.  I am taking the first week off of April and am feeling the nudge (especially now with this promo) to go strong this last week in March.  My family’s schedule looks good—my big girls just have cheer tryouts—no big deal, right?  HA!


Sunday evening, March 23rd

Monday evening, March 24th

Tuesday evening, March 25th

Wednesday morning, afternoon, or evening, March 26th

Thursday evening, March 27th

Monday evening, March 31st

Your home or mine, in home or Facebook—

You choose!!!

Not only do you get all of the other perks of being a hostess, but if you’re really into those sweet products shown above (I love them all), then you’re going to want to act on this.

And if it doesn’t work for you this month, April is DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS.

Yep, a stellar next few weeks to be a hostess.


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