Grandma B’s Scones (3 recipes!)


scones2 scones3

So if you’ve gotten to know me at all in reading this blog, you probably are realizing I am a huge sucker for “themed” parties.  I mean, come on.  How fun is it anyway?  I seriously LOVE it.

So when a gal pal of mine approached me about this Scones and Coffee women’s event for our church, I was all over it!  Learning to bake scones, eating scones, drinking coffee, and having girl time?  It does not get much better than that.  Especially since these scones are the. best. ever.  I’m not kidding.


I knew I had to do this post for Tonya’s Weekend Potluck party, because I want Beth to be known for her amazing baking skills.  In particular, these scones.  And Beth gave me permission to feature her—and thankfully so!!  Everyone should get to know Beth and magic she works in the kitchen!

And bless her precious heart, she is sharing the scones recipes.  All three of them.  She’s the bomb.

You must go “LIKE” her on facebook. You’ll find her at Grandma B’s Kitchen. Do it.  Right now!!  You will find some really cool things over there.  And she has a blog too.  While you’re at it, go check out her blog.  Do it.  Right now!!

I am seriously getting bossy.  So sorry…except, I’m not.  Beth rocks and I want you ALL to know it!

Alright, I will get to what you are waiting for.  The amazing best ever scones recipes.



These were yummo.  And especially for fall.  That browned butter icing glaze…oh my!

And then these were the scones she made right in front of our faces as we drooled over the chocolate.  (or at least I did.)


scone8 scone9

Isn’t that just beautiful?  Did you know that is heavy whipping cream painted all over the top of them and then sprinkled with these huge sugar crystals?  Yep, it is.



Yes, she had a scone of every flavor for all 13 of us.  It was pretty much a scone heaven over here.  And here is her tidbits of information to make the best scones ever.


Thank you so much Beth!  I can’t wait to load my freezer full!!!


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  1. WHOA! I’m with you in the idea of loading up the freezer with these delightful treats. I LOVE Girlfriend parties…these would be perfect. I just might have to plan one of those soon and feature some of these yummies. Thanks for sharing at Weekend Potluck.

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