just a springin’…


We didn’t plan anything too special in particular for Spring Break for our family.  We are just getting to know each other again being home together after a busy fall and winter!!  That in itself has been awesome.   A 5:00 am wake up call from Natalie and Steve, not quite so awesome.

Now, I love to workout—especially in the morning because, duh, it’s over with!  But no matter what, trying to put my own two feet over the side of the bed and get into a vertical position at 5:00 am never feels good.  What I do know, that is by 6:30 am and after a cup of coffee, I am a MUCH better mom—happy, collected, and ready to take on the day versus getting up right before or as the kids do—when I’m likely to not be happy to welcome the new day.  So as much as I yelled, screamed, and threw a fit, it was awesome to be with Steve, Nat, and Kass to help prepare them for their killer track workout that starts in just ONE week.  Did you hear that girls?  You will be wincing everytime you sit down and try to go to the bathroom.  Like fall on the toilet hurting… HA!!  Only because I’ve been there… (and am there this morning—in fact, typing is hurting my triceps.)

springbreak springbreak2 springbreak4

And it was St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Brought back memories of last year’s trip with the fam to Omaha when the KU loving grandparents gave us all shirts—so fun!  We took advantage of a calm day before the storm of the week and introduced the kids to Steve’s new workplace.  Which isn’t really new—he’s been there for 6 months.  But, with school, practices, games, and what not–they had never been there.  And we conveniently visited right before his lunch break…

springbreak3 springbreak5

It was a “Kourtney Day” as we called it—(the other kids just love that!) She has been begging ever since her birthday to get her ears double pierced.  Not sure we consulted Dad on this because if mom has double piercings, than why can’t she, right?  Well, she saved her birthday $$ until after all of her games were done.  And yesterday was the day.  Steve muttered something about “so is a tattoo next?”

springbreak6 springbreak7

A little Spring Fling shopping with Kourtney, you know–because it was her day, led us to find this when we got back to the suburban…

springbreak8 springbreak9

So yeah…how is that 5:00 am workout working for them?


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