breaking my own rules…


Spring break is half way over already.  Oh my goodness!!  I have one girl leaving on a band trip VERY early tomorrow morning, a good friend coming over today whom I don’t see hardly at all anymore, and a big, humongous gathering of all gatherings tomorrow night.  So much fun—but I feel like Spring Break should be a couple of weeks long.  Anyone else with me?  At this point, I am doubting the success of finding Kassidy’s 8th grade promotion dress before Monday rolls along.  But hey—we had a planning meeting last night for the 8th grade party!!!  Can I just say we have some amazing parents in her class.  So there is some productivity happening over here.

I know you have heard A LOT about Mary & Martha here in the last few days.  The Ultimate Mary & Martha Spring Fling is set to take place tomorrow evening, and I am super pumped.  And so obviously, you are all seeing it coming through what you are hearing from me.  Definitely breaking the rules of how many posts I want to post about Mary & Martha.  But–I think it’s worth it.  When I saw the corporate facebook posts yesterday highlighting Moundridge, KS as one of the Mary & Martha touring cities, I could hardly handle it.  It is just so cool.  I know I am over the top—but I am just overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity.  And obviously, Mary & Martha believes in my customers, consultant team, and the city of Moundridge, KS.  Is that awesome or what?


I know tomorrow night may not work for all of you, but I do ask for you to lift this evening up and lather it in prayer.  There are some who have been contemplating the business.  There are some who love the products.  There may be some who are thinking about having their own gatherings. Some want to meet this Home office sweetheart, Dawn Stanford (and she IS a sweetheart!) who we’ve been talking about for the last couple of months.   And some are just gonna be here for the girl time!!!  Every one of those reasons is exactly the why behind The Ultimate Mary & Martha Spring Fling.

The giveaways are going to phenomenal.  And I haven’t even given any more hints.  So here’s a pic.  It’s something in there.  I just received mine yesterday and it got put out as soon as I could get the box open…



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