angels unaware…


Have you ever heard of that verse from Hebrews 13?  “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers…”–by doing so, you may have shown hospitality to angels without even knowing it…


I’m pretty sure I served some angels last night, and didn’t even know it.  I was really sure when a couple of people began singing the doxology and others joined in.  I was really sure when my sweet neighbor lady and another older mentor came and graced me with their company.  I was really sure when a sweet little baby girl helped us hand out raffle tickets.  I was definitely sure when hugs were shared.  I was sure when both of my “moms” were working in my kitchen.  I was sure from the first time Dawn came up to the door with flowers and a pineapple (thank you!!).  I was sure each time my door swung open and a smiling face entered eager to earn more raffle tickets.   And I  was sure when I closed the door and the last guest left.  Grace and gratitude at it’s finest—overwhelmed me.


This was my inspiration for the entire themed evening.  It’s just the little things, you know?  These are a perfect way to use the Mary & Martha orange napkins.  I never knew I could love orange so much!!  And for Easter—they look like carrots.  I can’t remember where the idea came from, but I was pumped when I realized I could recreate with our napkins.  Woo Hoo!!


Which inspired me to snatch up this sweater that I would have never bought in my normal every day life.  But then again, what is my normal every day life anyway?  JUDAS!!!  It was bright.  And there’s Dawn Stanford.  What can I even say about Dawn other than I was completely spoiled by her.  And am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that she came to our little city.  WOW.


Kind of like Christmas is for me.  Lots of excitement and anticipation.  I seriously had more fun this last week preparing.  And then it FINALLY gets here…

558745_10152694378199535_822966223_n 10151435_10152694377939535_1769761297_n

And see all of these guests?  Like presents under the tree–only better.


And I get to call these two my co-workers!  Congratulations Cassie and welcome to my team!


Truly, one of the most exciting emails I ever get.  Enrollment alerts!  This means Mary & Martha is spreading deeper, wider, and further than before.

1796667_10152694377779535_215701638_n 1925059_10152694377219535_725840445_n sf sf1 sf5

Cupcakes from Miss Beth at Grandma B’s Kitchen.  She is the best and so sweet and you really need to LIKE her HERE on facebook.


Pretty sure Dawn worked her magic on this little cutie and we are looking at a Mary & Martha consultant in the making!!


I’m sure praying for another event like this.  Spring Fling 2015 perhaps?


And then there’s today.  Sweet blessings.


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