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more people need to know…


I admit. The products rock. And I will admit, I had no intention in ever doing direct sales. This was in the plans for me for this season of life. And I had NO clue that it was coming…

I have been at the home office. I have been one of these people who laid their hands on the business kit and lifted the new consultant and her new business and ministry up and smothered it in prayer.

I have sat with the president and his wife and heard the heart of this company. I have vacationed with the home office and top leaders of this company and consider them dear friends. More people need to know that the vision from the start of this company was to form an army of women to take Jesus into the homes of others.

More people need to know we are in the ground floor start up of this company. That the opportunity is wide open. That we are just getting the word out here in Kansas and Oklahoma as I watch our teams begin to grow and people make the decision to join the army.

More people need to know what that ampersand means… to love God AND love others. More people need to know that Mary & Martha is a business AND a ministry.

More people need to know that the National Conference is in Kansas City this year. And more people need to know what a life changing experience it is. And I would love to take a ton of people with me!!

I admit. I didn’t know. But now that the team is growing and people are recognizing what that little ampersand means? I am excited for more people to know.


let them be little.


I searched high and low for these to put in Landon’s Easter basket…

Just ask Nat. I was on the phone with every Walmart and Target within a two hour driving distance. And nothing. So I settled on the DVD. You may remember that I caught him playing intently with a sweet little 5 year old girl’s set at church one Sunday. That paired with him knowing every word to every song in the movie, is the only reason I was so intent on finding these. Granted–not ever did I think Landon would be someone I was buying these for.

I have this little love affair going on with
the Dillons Marketplace in the town where I work. And once again, I left there giddy with something I found. And just look at this face?

They are all lined up in his room right now.

In his world he thinks he’s a big kid. But I love it when there are glimpses that he is still little.

almost that time of year…



It’s that time of year when you can almost taste Summer. How can May be almost the busiest month of the year? I think it is… which makes these times oh so sweet.

Gotta say, I was shocked to see Landon, a fish in hand, AND a smile. Somewhere down the line, he didn’t exactly get all of Steve’s outdoorsy-hunting-fishing-farming-let’s camp and rough it genes. He does have me for a mother, we have realized. Kourt, on the other hand, could just live for these activities she does with her dad.

But by the looks of Landon’s smile, I’m thinking he’s coming around.

(A fish trick for you—-hold the fish waaaayyyy our in front of you and it looks really big!)

planning to a detriment?


I do not get my devotions in every day.  I want to.  I need to.  But I don’t always do it.  So when I am compelled to, like this week, for instance, I know there is something I am needing to hear, read, live, and soak in.  I know WHO the nudge is from.  And if there is anything I have learned throughout my life, is to LISTEN to the nudge.  Don’t ignore it.  There are opportunities missed when not listening…


From Jesus Calling~~~

“I am always with you, so you have no reason to be afraid.  Your fear often manifests itself in excessive planning.  Your mind is so accustomed to this pattern of thinking that you are only now becoming aware of how pervasive it is and how much it hinders your intimacy with Me.”

“I died to set you free, and that includes freedom from compulsive planning.  When your mind spins with a multitude of thoughts, you cannot hear My voice.  A mind preoccupied with planning pays homage to the idol of control.”

Do you know that I am literally in love with my planner?  Did you also know that I now have TWO planners in my possession?  Do you know that I can not and will not give you an answer of “yes” or “no” without first pouring myself over the schedule of my life?  Did you also know, that I take great joy in looking ahead to what is before me, whether it be tomorrow, next week, the summer, and even the next school year?


Displaying photo.JPG

Jesus Calling is so good.  No, the devotion passage itself is not words from the Bible.  But these are…

“Many are the plans in a (wo)man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.—Proverb 19:21.

I don’t think my planner is bad.  And I am in no way going to throw  it out saying that this verse will guide me.  I still have to plan.  In fact, I am thinking of VBS in August right this very minute and wondering how that will get pulled off?  BUT, I can listen and know what God’s purpose is for me.  Whether true or not, I believe that what energizes me is the path I should take.  Without my planner, I could not schedule around what priorities are.  It is a huge blessing and necessity.  In short, this little trip I took thinking about my planner this week has further encouraged me to “Be still and know…”   Know that God is God.  Know that His purpose above all else will trump whatever I right down in that planner.  Either one of those planners!




Do you have a Mom you want to bless on May 11th?  You know, that’s Mother’s Day.  And how important are the “moms” in your life?  “All” of mine are VERY important to me…


Wedding showers and weddings?  Yes!  I can name a few.


Thanks to Mary & Martha for their FLASH SALE, we can help you get the next few months of gifts taken care of!!!

Ready to see?



Our FLASH SALES go crazy and Pre-Orders are a MUST!! (quantities limited)

My first order goes in TOMORROW.  I will do my best to get you want you want.

All three of these products are favorites.  Spools are great for hanging bags and scarves!  The Rustic Block Set has so many different things you can spell out—I just did “Jesus is Alive” for Easter.  Love it.  And that apron?  It is just fun.  And I know new brides love receiving that.  In fact, old brides do too!

Link to order directly will be on my facebook business page.  Or, if you are local, I’m cutting your shipping costs.

And don’t forget!  I’m ordering Honey Jars too on Friday.

What a stinkin’ fun week!



time to grow up…



See these sweet things? They are demanding. We had a packed Easter weekend—Friday evening with Steve’s family, then my family on Saturday. And you know what? It left us with no where to go on Easter Sunday! You have got to be kidding me…

These two are traditionalists. Like where is the authentic German ethnic food? Are you serious?

Ok, so I caved. I tried to be a Grandma Nikkel–and let me tell you, I’m not very good at it yet. Kielke and knepp—grilled ham and sausage, poppyseed cake, and the one thing that almost put me over the edge. Having NEVER made them before, for obvious reasons…

Deviled eggs. Oh for heavens sakes. My people—if you don’t think I love you, this should squelch all doubt. My throat was opening and it was all I could do. The only thing I remotely enjoyed about doing these was the kids loving every minute of peeling the eggs. Another gross task, I might add.

But they turned out pretty—and I used the Frank’s hot sauce and sour cream version. I did not taste test. But they were a hit with the fam!

I have to admit, it was fun grilling up the ham and sausage to try and give my kids some tradition they love. And I have to admit, growing up and keeping and making new traditions for our family is energizing to me.



Even if it means I have to make deviled eggs. It doesn’t mean I ever have to eat them…


may need theme party therapy…



I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t been giddy and anxious and excited to let you all know when the ever popular Mary & Martha Honey Jars were coming back in stock.  I am not gonna lie.  The Honey Pot Gathering was born after hearing and seeing lots of discussion about our Honey Jar.  Which was out of stock.  And as soon as it went out of stock, you know everyone is going to want one.  Human nature right?  Or could it be that they are so darn cute.  I believe it’s the latter…

And the coolest thing about this Honey Jar being out of stock, is that it made me start thinking about honey.  And everything you eat with honey.  And let’s face it, it’s just gonna taste better coming out of this jar.


And then I realized my sweet friend sells honey.  Like really, really good local honey.  I didn’t just realize it.  I knew it, because I buy it and we love it.  And again…another star of the Honey Pot party was born.

Daddy’s Honey—Meet— Mary & Martha’s Honey Jar!!!!!


And it was a match made in heaven.  Meanwhile, Daddy’s Honey and the Mary & Martha Honey Jar lived happily ever after.

And they can live happily ever after WITH YOU!!!

Click HERE for the Honey Pot Party Facebook Event!

And HERE are the details…

Pre-order your Mary & Martha Honey Pot Jar

you will receive a FREE sample bottle of Daddy’s Honey

You do not have to be present at the Honey Pot Party, I can deliver locally


(tax and shipping included) and don’t forget the sample bottle of Daddy’s Honey!!

However, I would really, really, really LOVE for you to come to the party.

Saturday, May 3rd

10:00 am

Steph Kaufman’s Home

There will be anything you can think of that you eat honey with.  (which means I need people to give me ideas pronto, otherwise there may only be bread…)  And of course Mary & Martha COFFEE!!!

I asked the Daddy’s Honey family to give me a current family picture, and this is what I received…


I am still laughing.

Planning to introduce you all to our three new LOCAL Mary & Martha consultants as well…

Vicki Anderson

Michelle Adolf

Cassie Moore

I am just beyond excited for this party.

And I’m excited to introduce our local team of new consultants to ALL of YOU who bless me with your encouragement and support.

We will be booking gatherings for May and June with some crazy good specials as well.


When we sell 25 Honey Jars, there will be a raffle drawing for a FREE HONEY JAR and FREE 1lb BOTTLE OF DADDY’s HONEY!

Now that is a sweet deal.

Orders will be placed April 25th to ensure delivery in time for the party.

Easter basket must haves…


Easter is my all time favorite celebration. I love it so much. I love sunrise services. I remember growing up, we would go to a field which seemed very far away (maybe a 20 minute drive?! Ha!) when it was still dark, loaded with blankets and jackets or coats depending on the weather. Never can I remember a sunrise service without the sun. Such a powerful picture of the sunrise behind crosses built and placed just for the sunrise service. Then we head back home to put on a new Easter dress and with anticipation for breakfast at church. All the while knowing we would get to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house—one house for Sunday dinner, and another for the evening. Easter egg hunts and loads of candy. The year I will never forget was when my parents hid brand new white roller skates. I had to find each one. That was just the best.

I love to carry on the traditions we grew up with. Even when you’re a high school and junior high teeny bopper it’s still fun to hunt for something special. But it’s even more fun being the mom planning it!! I have a really fun idea for Landon that is going to surprise him—and the girls? I found something I know they’ll love.

This year we are doing Easter at our own home together as a family. I think it’s a first that our day isn’t jam packed running here and there. And I’m really looking forward to it (except for the dinner expectations my children have voiced—not sure I’m up for making verenika and knepp).

If you’re looking for something special to fill your Easter baskets with for some special kiddos in your lives, I am offering a special on our Mary & Martha precious books. These are books I already have and will be offered at a huge discount without tax and shipping. BUT—supply is limited. So don’t miss out. I am not even sure how many I have of each, but will be updating as they sell.

$10 for your choice. God Made Just One, God’s Light in Me for Girls, or God’s Light in Me for Boys. They are all must have books for your children, regardless of age. And are colorful and cute and would look great in a basket full of colorful grass and Easter eggs. But more than that, you are celebrating what God has done and will do in your child’s life. And no better time to celebrate that than at Easter—God’s precious gift of eternal life, given to all.

Facebook and blog comments, email or call/text 620-386-0203 to reserve your book. (This is for the locals—unless we can get it shipped to you in time for Easter!)