praying THAT never happens again.


Let me just set this up for you. I came to the realization that my kids are busy. Did you all already know that?

Until preparations are made to be gone for a few days while your kids remain at home to maintain a sense of normalcy in their precious lives did I ever realize the craziness which is called life with four kids.

A 5th grade invention, practice schedules, tournament schedules, breakfast foods available, laundry completed, and not to mention what happens with the furry child, needless to say I was worn out getting ready to be gone this week. And then a 1:45 am alarm left me with a mere 45 minutes of sleep. Are you feeling me here? (Got to make this sound really good because the awkwardness that will soon ensue needs an explanation, ‘er excuse, and oh dear God please get me off of this plane stat!!!)

See this nice young man I’m sitting next to? It’s not Steve. In fact I have no idea where my husband Is sitting. But I have never wanted to be sitting next to him more than I do right this very minute. Bless this man’s heart…

I’m blaming sleep deprivation. And Airtran’s open seating. Heck, I am going to blame Steve.

After waking up with my head on this young man’s shoulder, I could blame just about anyone right now.

I didn’t even ask his name…

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