it’s a good one…


And let me tell you why…


I didn’t get a chance to ask Cassie, my newest team member if I could share—but I’m pretty sure she’d be just fine with it—right Cass?  (She’s at a track meet anyway, which is where I’m headed, so it’s ok–ha!)

Meet Cassie…

Cassie joined my Mary & Martha team the night of the Spring Fling and I was so pumped!  She lives in McPherson, a city that could use about 24 more consultants (by my calculations!)—so I was super excited to have her build Mary & Martha in that area.  Cassie and I had met before and she had tons of super great questions.  She was excited and I encouraged her to wait to sign up until she had 2 announcement gatherings scheduled (the gatherings you have to let everyone in on on your new business).  And that’s just what she did.  And did she ever.  After her first two announcement gatherings she had earned over $400 in free product because of her sales.  AND the added sweetness to all of this, is that she also was her on hostess at these gatherings—meaning she got double hostess rewards for her sales.  Long story short?  $800 in FREE PRODUCT!!!!  Amazing.


This can be YOU!  The next 72 hours, beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00 am CST, you can join this team of women who are combining their work and their faith.  You can be your own hostess and earn a ton of free product.  You can do this for HALF OFF!!!  Take a look…

business kit 1 kit2

I’m not short on words when it comes to this company—so if you are feeling the tug, the nudge, or whatever you want to call it?  Maybe, just maybe, God is calling you to try something new.  What if He is?  I fought it for months before realizing I was to take a risk.  I would love to talk with you if this is something that gets you even a little bit excited.  I would love to talk with you if you would like to earn $800 worth of free product.  I would love to talk with you about what makes this company so special.

Building this team and sweeping Kansas with the Mary & Martha vision of living in the &.  Join me, won’t you?!

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