remember…then celebrate


Saw this yesterday as a Facebook post and I loved it—“today we remember, next week we celebrate” –thanks Kim Marquette!

There is something so magical about Easter eggs, don’t you think? Sure–it’s easy to get caught up in the hype that surrounds Easter in our world. The bunnies, egg hunts, and baskets filled with way too much candy and maybe even special gifts. I get it. I do. Especially when my kids were itty bitty and Natalie’s explanation as a two year old of Easter, was Jesus rising again and then coming back to hide eggs filled with candy. It was so precious at the time. And a result of our trying to bring the true meaning of the story of Jesus and the resurrection, combined with the fun of an Easter egg hunt—it’s no wonder she was confused!

Our Resurrection Garden is flourishing—and only thanks to the constant watering and care from Kourtney. We remember this week of Jesus’ suffering. We anticipate rolling the {rock} in front of the tomb this Good Friday to signify Jesus’ death. We were encouraged in church today to read the story as it unfolded. To rememberall that took place. This is real. There was no jubilation. It was horrific. We can not even wrap our minds around it.

And then…the stone is rolled away! And what is there? No body. No death. The grave has been conquered. And then…we get to celebrate!

Those eggs just bring happiness. Filled with the sweet, sweet candies which is the sweet, sweet goodness of everlasting life in Christ. And when you find am empty egg? Celebrate that—because Jesus’ empty tomb is a huge reason to rejoice and PARTY!

I say —have those Easter egg hunts! Fill those eggs with goodness and leave some empty. Show and teach your kids about the blessing that comes in finding nothing there. Because nothing there means we now have everything.

This week we will remember. And on Sunday? We are gonna CELEBRATE!



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