Easter basket must haves…


Easter is my all time favorite celebration. I love it so much. I love sunrise services. I remember growing up, we would go to a field which seemed very far away (maybe a 20 minute drive?! Ha!) when it was still dark, loaded with blankets and jackets or coats depending on the weather. Never can I remember a sunrise service without the sun. Such a powerful picture of the sunrise behind crosses built and placed just for the sunrise service. Then we head back home to put on a new Easter dress and with anticipation for breakfast at church. All the while knowing we would get to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house—one house for Sunday dinner, and another for the evening. Easter egg hunts and loads of candy. The year I will never forget was when my parents hid brand new white roller skates. I had to find each one. That was just the best.

I love to carry on the traditions we grew up with. Even when you’re a high school and junior high teeny bopper it’s still fun to hunt for something special. But it’s even more fun being the mom planning it!! I have a really fun idea for Landon that is going to surprise him—and the girls? I found something I know they’ll love.

This year we are doing Easter at our own home together as a family. I think it’s a first that our day isn’t jam packed running here and there. And I’m really looking forward to it (except for the dinner expectations my children have voiced—not sure I’m up for making verenika and knepp).

If you’re looking for something special to fill your Easter baskets with for some special kiddos in your lives, I am offering a special on our Mary & Martha precious books. These are books I already have and will be offered at a huge discount without tax and shipping. BUT—supply is limited. So don’t miss out. I am not even sure how many I have of each, but will be updating as they sell.

$10 for your choice. God Made Just One, God’s Light in Me for Girls, or God’s Light in Me for Boys. They are all must have books for your children, regardless of age. And are colorful and cute and would look great in a basket full of colorful grass and Easter eggs. But more than that, you are celebrating what God has done and will do in your child’s life. And no better time to celebrate that than at Easter—God’s precious gift of eternal life, given to all.

Facebook and blog comments, email ssnkklk@gmail.com or call/text 620-386-0203 to reserve your book. (This is for the locals—unless we can get it shipped to you in time for Easter!)


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