may need theme party therapy…



I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t been giddy and anxious and excited to let you all know when the ever popular Mary & Martha Honey Jars were coming back in stock.  I am not gonna lie.  The Honey Pot Gathering was born after hearing and seeing lots of discussion about our Honey Jar.  Which was out of stock.  And as soon as it went out of stock, you know everyone is going to want one.  Human nature right?  Or could it be that they are so darn cute.  I believe it’s the latter…

And the coolest thing about this Honey Jar being out of stock, is that it made me start thinking about honey.  And everything you eat with honey.  And let’s face it, it’s just gonna taste better coming out of this jar.


And then I realized my sweet friend sells honey.  Like really, really good local honey.  I didn’t just realize it.  I knew it, because I buy it and we love it.  And again…another star of the Honey Pot party was born.

Daddy’s Honey—Meet— Mary & Martha’s Honey Jar!!!!!


And it was a match made in heaven.  Meanwhile, Daddy’s Honey and the Mary & Martha Honey Jar lived happily ever after.

And they can live happily ever after WITH YOU!!!

Click HERE for the Honey Pot Party Facebook Event!

And HERE are the details…

Pre-order your Mary & Martha Honey Pot Jar

you will receive a FREE sample bottle of Daddy’s Honey

You do not have to be present at the Honey Pot Party, I can deliver locally


(tax and shipping included) and don’t forget the sample bottle of Daddy’s Honey!!

However, I would really, really, really LOVE for you to come to the party.

Saturday, May 3rd

10:00 am

Steph Kaufman’s Home

There will be anything you can think of that you eat honey with.  (which means I need people to give me ideas pronto, otherwise there may only be bread…)  And of course Mary & Martha COFFEE!!!

I asked the Daddy’s Honey family to give me a current family picture, and this is what I received…


I am still laughing.

Planning to introduce you all to our three new LOCAL Mary & Martha consultants as well…

Vicki Anderson

Michelle Adolf

Cassie Moore

I am just beyond excited for this party.

And I’m excited to introduce our local team of new consultants to ALL of YOU who bless me with your encouragement and support.

We will be booking gatherings for May and June with some crazy good specials as well.


When we sell 25 Honey Jars, there will be a raffle drawing for a FREE HONEY JAR and FREE 1lb BOTTLE OF DADDY’s HONEY!

Now that is a sweet deal.

Orders will be placed April 25th to ensure delivery in time for the party.


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