Do you have a Mom you want to bless on May 11th?  You know, that’s Mother’s Day.  And how important are the “moms” in your life?  “All” of mine are VERY important to me…


Wedding showers and weddings?  Yes!  I can name a few.


Thanks to Mary & Martha for their FLASH SALE, we can help you get the next few months of gifts taken care of!!!

Ready to see?



Our FLASH SALES go crazy and Pre-Orders are a MUST!! (quantities limited)

My first order goes in TOMORROW.  I will do my best to get you want you want.

All three of these products are favorites.  Spools are great for hanging bags and scarves!  The Rustic Block Set has so many different things you can spell out—I just did “Jesus is Alive” for Easter.  Love it.  And that apron?  It is just fun.  And I know new brides love receiving that.  In fact, old brides do too!

Link to order directly will be on my facebook business page.  Or, if you are local, I’m cutting your shipping costs.

And don’t forget!  I’m ordering Honey Jars too on Friday.

What a stinkin’ fun week!




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