time to grow up…



See these sweet things? They are demanding. We had a packed Easter weekend—Friday evening with Steve’s family, then my family on Saturday. And you know what? It left us with no where to go on Easter Sunday! You have got to be kidding me…

These two are traditionalists. Like where is the authentic German ethnic food? Are you serious?

Ok, so I caved. I tried to be a Grandma Nikkel–and let me tell you, I’m not very good at it yet. Kielke and knepp—grilled ham and sausage, poppyseed cake, and the one thing that almost put me over the edge. Having NEVER made them before, for obvious reasons…

Deviled eggs. Oh for heavens sakes. My people—if you don’t think I love you, this should squelch all doubt. My throat was opening and it was all I could do. The only thing I remotely enjoyed about doing these was the kids loving every minute of peeling the eggs. Another gross task, I might add.

But they turned out pretty—and I used the Frank’s hot sauce and sour cream version. I did not taste test. But they were a hit with the fam!

I have to admit, it was fun grilling up the ham and sausage to try and give my kids some tradition they love. And I have to admit, growing up and keeping and making new traditions for our family is energizing to me.



Even if it means I have to make deviled eggs. It doesn’t mean I ever have to eat them…



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